Scott on the Front Lines: Prescription Drugs

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Scott Benefit Services has long been invested in helping our clients – and their employees- navigate the increasingly costly and complex world of prescription drugs.  Namely, we have helped our clients cut their pharmacy spends by an average of 19-36% through our revolutionary pharmacy benefits solution, Scott Rx Advantage.

Through customized consulting, our team helps our clients experience the benefits of collective buying power, superior contracting, world-class trend management systems and independent analytics. However, even with these measures, employers and employees alike continue to experience significant pains from the rising costs of prescription drugs.  At Scott, we understand these frustrations and believe that the status quo is not sustainable for our clients and their employees.  Therefore, we continually seek opportunities to make a difference and provide leadership in this vital work. 

Earlier this summer, Scott was one of only four brokers invited to a meeting with the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, on the topic of prescription drugs.  At this meeting, Greg Stancil, Director of Healthcare reform, discussed the growing need for action to address the brokenness of this critical component of our healthcare system. 

Most recently, Greg was invited to serve as Chair of the Task Force to Lower Prescription Drug Costs organized by the National Association of Health Underwriters.  As the leader of this working group, Greg will collaborate with other industry leaders to provide significant insights, data and recommendations to legislators and other government officials to help guide the conversation surrounding prescription drug costs in our country.

Through these avenues and others throughout our footprint and in Washington, D.C., the Scott Benefit Services team continues to advocate on the front lines for the needs of our clients as well as their employees and families.  This advocacy in tandem with our unique approach to benefits consulting allows employers realize significant savings and ultimately leads to improved health and well-being of their individual plan members.

We will keep you updated on our efforts as well as continue to provide timely updates regarding any impactful changes or developments related to healthcare reform or employer-sponsored health plans.