Scott Bond Services has successfully managed license bond programs nationwide for decades.

Our experienced team will act as your advocate in the marketplace to ensure you get the best combination of superior service, competitive pricing/terms, and flexible underwriting. We serve thousands of license bond clients nationwide and rank as a leading surety provider in many industry segments. We are dedicated to providing unsurpassed service to minimize the time you have to spend on your surety program.

What is a surety license bond?

An instrument where a surety provides a guarantee to a government or regulatory agency. The surety guarantees a licensee’s obligation to comply with a related statute, ordinance, or regulation.

What types of surety bonds are available?

While Scott Bond Services can assist with all types of license bonds, we have programs that focus on various areas & needs. In these programs, our team has specific expertise to ensure clients receive the appropriate underwriting consideration along with our hallmark personalized service.

Please find these programs listed below:

Who needs a surety license bond?

Surety bonds are often required to obtain licensing for certain business activities. This typically occurs at the state level, & an appropriate bond must usually be submitted along with the application for the license. The bond must be maintained as long as the license remains valid (longer in rare instances).

Are electronic bonds available?

State regulators will only accept electronic bonds issued via NMLS, & Scott has supported electronic bonds via NMLS since the system’s inception. Not all states/bond types are currently available on NMLS, but Scott provides all that are. For more information on electronic bonds, click here.