At Scott, risk performance—preventing risk occurrences and managing loss costs—is a strategy that far exceeds the conventional safety programs and claims management protocol deployed within many organizations. Our Scott Risk Performance team has built a truly revolutionary system and innovative processes tailored to the unique needs of middle-market companies.

Working as an extension of our clients’ teams, Scott’s Risk Performance Group Specialists reduce their clients’ risk occurrences and manage claims costs with the following approach:

  • Build a foundation—listen and learn about our clients’ businesses and needs
  • Create risk awareness—help clients understand their current corporate safety culture by assessment of safety and claims data and processes
  • Define expectations—set a vision, create goals and establish a strategy for improved risk performance, providing the organization with a safer work environment, fewer accidents and reduced severity and cost of claims
  • Assign accountability—define roles and responsibilities for all organizational levels, aligning performance goals and key performance indicators
  • Execute Scott’s unique and innovative processes—work together with clients to carry out Scott’s client-tailored safety and claims risk solutions

Ace-Navigator: Workplace Incident Recorder & Management System

With the understanding that when workplace injuries and incidents do occur, the pace and completeness of the documentation process dictates the cost of the incident as well as the speed of the employee’s recovery and return to work, our team developed Ace-Navigator, our workplace incident recorder and management system.

The Ace-Navigator system is designed to strengthen communications between stakeholders, improve workplace safety, eliminate reporting lag time and cut Workers’ Compensation costs.

The Ace-Navigator App operates on a Smartphone or tablet and does not require a permanent Internet connection. It is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, with prompts and obvious user choices designed to provide clarity and promote accuracy. Interested in learning more?


Contact us today to get started with Ace-Navigator.

In the Words of a Client

“Thanks to Scott’s assistance with our workers’ compensation claims, we have great confidence that we are managing each incident toward the best possible outcome. They have proven to be an excellent resource in improving our proactive handling of these cases.”

– Tom Carswell
Secretary-Treasurer, Waco, Inc.