We are national leaders in the development and support of captive insurance programs.

At Scott, we don’t want to simply offer a solution and walk away, we engage with your company to create opportunities and long-term strategies. To create a captive insurance program with Scott, your company must show entrepreneurial leadership, a focus on excellence within the company, dedication to employees, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

What is Captive Insurance?

Captive insurance is an alternative risk financing solution for companies of varying sizes. As a captive owner, you essentially create your own insurance company. Either on your own or by joining a group of like-minded businesses, you gain ownership and control of all aspects and costs of your insurance programs while creating the potential for significant financial gains.

With funds coming directly from the insured, a captive is a form of self-insurance. The insured owns part or all of the insurance company that has been formed and has a say about how the insurance company operates. This control over how the insurance company manages claims, controls risk, and handles finances is a major benefit of opting into a captive insurance program over a traditional insurance program.

Property & Casualty Captives

Scott has industry-leading knowledge and skill with captive insurance programs. We established a leading position in captive insurance in 2001, when we launched a client-owned captive that has returned more than $38.7 million to its members. Learn more

Employee Benefits Captives

We developed one of the first employee health benefits group captives in the nation in 2011. This alternative financing method is an exciting chance for organizations to gain the benefits of a self-funded health plan with reduced risk. With less volatility and greater foresight, this solution allows you to experience the power of transparency and aggregated buying power. Learn more