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Employee Ownership

Scott Insurance is proud to be 100% employee owned.

In a bold, visionary move, Scott’s ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) was established in 1975. At the time, the ESOP concept was just beginning to be recognized by the government and Scott was one of the first companies in the country to recognize and implement this opportunity for our company and employees.

Over the years, our ESOP has experienced strong results and steady growth.

What are the Benefits of an ESOP?

The primary benefit of the ESOP for Scott is that it has allowed us to maintain our independence over the years. Unlike many other companies our size that are privately owned or closely held, Scott’s ownership is very diverse and therefore we do not face the same obstacles when owners retire or separate from the company.

Our independence allows us to be guided by our passion to provide world-class service to our clients, while attracting the top talent in the industry.


Benefits for Employee Owners

Our nearly 300 employee owners have a greater stake in the company and a greater opportunity to reap the financial rewards of ownership. Participants in our ESOP experience a top-notch, high-performing retirement savings plan. Studies have shown that participants in company ESOPs make more in wages and gain almost three times the retirement assets as compared to workers in comparable non-ESOP companies.

Today, the majority of companies offer 401k retirement plans in which the burden to contribute to the plan is placed primarily on the individual employee. The contributions that Scott makes on behalf of our employee owners far exceed average employer retirement contributions.

In addition to the financial benefits of our ESOP, our employee ownership structure has driven and nurtured a unique culture that encourages, empowers and invests in our employee owners.

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