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The latest on our company's response and helpful information to keep you in the know. Learn More
Lynchburg Expansion
Our expansion project in Lynchburg is nearly finished, with the official ribbon cutting to be held in May. Coming Soon!
New Case Study
A study was conducted comparing annual claims cost data from Heritage Group Health Plan members to a cohort of similar Senior Living employers. See the Findings
LIHTC Recapture Bonds
Our newest bond offers assurance to tax credit investors in the Affordable Housing industry. Learn More

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At Scott Insurance, risk means opportunity, not expense.

With over 150 years of experience, Scott Insurance is a leader in developing smart strategies and innovative programs customized to the needs of mid-market companies. We offer property & casualty, employee benefits, captive insurance, and surety bonds solutions, as well as personal insurance services. An employee-owned company, we are one of the largest independent agencies in the Southeast and have Captive Insurance operations in Grand Cayman and the United States.  For 26 years, we have earned the distinction of a Best Practices Agency and have consistently been ranked among the top 30 agencies in the country by Reagan & Associates. Most importantly, we are honored that we have a client retention rate of 95%.

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