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Our Performance Thinking resources provide expert insights and technical knowledge to help solve problems, create change and improve performance in the areas of risk management and employee benefits.


Featuring authors from across our organization on various topics, our blog is a great resource to elevate your thinking surrounding critical components of your company’s culture and overall performance.

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Challenges and Opportunities within the Employee Benefits Market

With an extremely competitive labor market, it is important for employers to recognize the challenges of the current employee benefits market and understand how to take advantage …Continue Reading

Cybersecurity Best Practices

Businesses in every industry are facing cyber threats with increasing frequency and severity.  It is no longer a question of if your organization will experience a cyber …Continue Reading


Our events are designed to provide significant value for business leaders through insights, knowledge and technical expertise in a variety of formats. We are pleased to offer continuing education credit for many of our events.

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Introduction to Group Captives

December 15, 2022

Learn how group captives help organizations strategically manage risk, escape the volatility of traditional insurance and potentially create significant financial gains.

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More events coming soon.


On our Risk Matters podcast, hear from Scott team members and clients as they discuss timely topics, share best practices and challenge you to view your organization’s biggest risk challenges from a different perspective.

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Growing a Culture of Care with Manny Souza

Manny Souza is the Vice President of EH&S at Samet Corporation. He has worked in safety for nearly 20 years… Continue Reading

Assessing Cyber Risk: How to Prepare for and Respond to Attacks, Part 1

Join Bennet Whitehouse of Scott’s Risk Performance Group as he facilitates a panel discussion about cybersecurity and how businesses should… Continue Reading

Thought Leaders

Beyond our internal resources, our team of experts regularly contribute thought leadership by speaking at events, participating on discussion panels, publishing articles or serving as sources for various media – from industry publications to podcasts.

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Forrest Belcher

Benefits Consultant

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Kassi O’Brien

Benefits Consultant

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