Scott Bond Services manages a national program to assist clients that need Credit Counseling License Bonds. This program features our hallmark customer service along with flexible underwriting and competitive pricing.

Who needs a Credit Counseling License Bond?

Most states have bond requirements for various license types including credit counseling, debt management (including debt adjusting and settlement), credit repair, budget services (including budget planners), and credit services organizations.

Will one Credit Counseling License Bond cover multiple states?

No. While the majority of states do not have bond requirements in this category, you’ll need to post a separate title bond for each state that does. The required bond language is specific to each state and only supports a particular license. Our Bond Specialists are experienced with all state bond forms and will help ensure you get the proper bond for your license type.

What size Credit Counseling License Bond will I need?

This will depend on the state and license type, but the majority are $100,000 or less. Amounts of $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000 are common.

What are the primary underwriting considerations for Credit Counseling License Bonds?

Typically, time in business and/or the business owner’s experience plays a significant role along with the credit of the business owner. For larger amounts, the financial strength of the business is also a consideration. Financial strength becomes more important for applicants that handle client funds.

Are personal credit reports and personal guarantees always required?

Personal credit reports are a standard underwriting tool, so yes, they are typically required. However, we are often able to secure bonding without personal guarantees.

How quickly will I receive approval?

An underwriting response can typically be obtained within 24 hours after completion of a simple application.

How do I apply for a Credit Counseling License Bond?

  • Option 1 – You may complete the “Get a Quote” form above & one of our bond specialists will contact you.
  • Option 2 – You may call Joanna Carson at 434-832-2293. She will be happy to walk you through the process & answer any questions.
  • Option 3 – You may download & complete an application below. You will need Adobe Acrobat. Once completed, please submit to Joanna Carson at