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Group Captive Programs

Scott has industry-leading knowledge and experience with group captive insurance programs.

We created a leading position in captive insurance in 2001, when we started a client-owned captive. Since then, it has returned more than $22.3 million to its members.

For companies that share our passion in seizing risk for reward, captives are an exciting opportunity. As a group captive owner, you essentially create your own insurance company. By joining a group of like-minded businesses, you gain ownership and control of all aspects and costs of your insurance programs.

Our captive solutions range from single parent to heterogeneous and homogeneous group captives to 831(b) captives. We have partnership affiliations with captives in Bermuda, Grand Cayman and Vermont.

The captive idea was exactly what we were looking for since we value control and personal responsibility in everything we do. Being an owner of our own insurance company allows us to share our ideas and experiences while learning from the other companies we have partnered with. We’ve emerged as a better company and enjoy the financial benefits of this one-of-a-kind approach to risk management.—in the words of a large North Carolina hospitality corporation captive owner

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