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Scott Website Updates

Earlier this month, the Scott Insurance website was updated with a new design, updated navigation and additional resources.  The following information will help you better experience our website.  Continue reading

Construction Industry Issues Takeaways from the CAGC Summer Summit

Nearly 800 contractors, suppliers, service providers and guests attended the Carolina’s Associated General Contractors (CAGC) Summer Summit last month to discuss issues impacting the construction industry throughout the region. The topics discussed at the conference were focused on the building, utility and highway divisions of construction; however, several trends permeate the entire industry and even other industries with a similar workforce and/or risk exposures.

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Workplace Burnout A Human Capital Issue for Mid-Market Employers

Have you ever heard a colleague or friend say something along the lines of “I just feel so burned out”? Most likely, you have – more than once. In 2018, Gallup estimated 23 percent of employees feel burned out at work “very often or always,” and a further 44 percent reported feeling burned out “sometimes.”  The modern-day definition of burnout, the state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged work stress, was first introduced in 1974.  Since that time, burnout has received increased attention and media coverage and has grown in prominence as a workplace issue in recent years. The business impacts of burnout include increased health plan utilization, increased absences, job dissatisfaction and negative effects on productivity, such as increased decisional errors, diminished work quality, and decreased task and time management capabilities. 

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Personnel Record Disclosure Requirements Change in Virginia

At the beginning of this month, a change in Virginia Code became effective impacting how Va. employers release employee records.  The types of records impacted by this law cover several personnel areas, but I want to highlight that it includes information surrounding workplace injuries. The below post from Hancock Daniel, provides further detail surrounding the amended statute. Please contact me or another one of our Risk Advisors in Virginia with any questions about the updated law or best practices for record keeping of workplace injuries or incidents.  Continue reading