At Scott, our objective is to do everything we can to help you minimize potential damage and maximize loss prevention.

Please review the following checklists to better prepare yourself before, during and after a hurricane. Do not hesitate to contact a member of your Scott team with any additional questions or concerns.

Checklist for Business Owners and Operators

Consider incorporating the following hurricane preparation suggestions into your business to avoid unnecessary upsets in the event that disaster strikes.

  • Have your building inspected and secured by covering windows with shutters or plywood. Also cover and move equipment to a more secure area.
  • Prepare a list of your employees and their contact information, and find out where they may vacate to if an evacuation is required.
  • Gather a list of vendors and telephone number of individuals or entities that are critical to your daily operations. Consider adding a backup vendor outside of your area.
  • Check your emergency supplies and stock up on any necessary items.

For a complete checklist of preparation suggestions, emergency supplies and what do to after the storm, please click here.


Checklist for Home Owners

Your Scott advisors suggest reviewing the following educational material on hurricane preparedness for you and your home.

  • Secure your home as a storm approaches by following our damage prevention steps.
  • Assemble and maintain an emergency supply kit.
  • Prepare an “Action Plan” in the event of an evacuation, or if you are unable to evacuate.
  • Report damage directly to your insurance company as soon as possible if you sustain storm damage. Report a claim directly to your carrier online here.

For a complete overview of damage prevention steps, action plan preparation, emergency supply kit items, and what do to after the storm, please click here.