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Health Risk Management

Did you know that many employee wellness programs fail within three years of implementation?

Three key reasons why these health risk management programs fail:

No clear destination
The companies and their consultants did not create a clear, visible destination that defines what success looks like.
Too many programs
Too many programs are rolled out too fast without the proper groundwork—solid planning, communications and deployment.
Lack of customization
Standardized corporate wellness programs don’t work for most companies. Customization is critical.

Our Health Risk Management Team takes all the right steps to ensure success.

At Scott, our Health Risk Management Team:

  • Understands that each client has a unique employee population with unique health demographics.
  • Makes suggestions based on real data from your organization and through benchmarking.
  • Helps your company develop a strategic vision utilizing our proprietary health risk management program—Ovations—and incorporate it with the unique objectives and culture of your organization.
  • Introduces programs that engage your workforce and their families to take control of their own health risks.
  • Positively impacts your employee population’s health risk profile, increasing health plan performance and efficiency and delivering greater productivity for your business.
  • Guides your company in establishing a sustainable culture of health and wellness and improved health performance.
  • Deliver measured results and real accountability.
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