Employee Benefits

Financial Risk Management & Actuarial Services

Do you know how your organization would answer these questions today?

  • Is a consumer-driven health plan right for our organization?
  • Is the renewal we have received from our carrier fair?
  • Should we consider self-funding?
  • How do we determine the appropriate individual stop loss level? 
  • Are the benefit plan design changes given proper discounts by the carrier?
  • What is driving our medical and prescription drug costs?
  • What is the projected out-of-pocket impact to our employees of a plan design change?
  • What are the unique risk factors of our employee population and how do they impact our costs?
  • How do our benefits, premiums and contribution level stack up against our peers?

Underwriting and benchmarking analysis

Comprehensive claims assessment and analysis

Local, regional and national market perspectives

Scott is uniquely positioned to help you answer these questions and more.

Powered by deep actuarial experience, our Financial Risk Management Team offers underwriting and benchmarking analysis, comprehensive claims assessment and analysis, and local, regional and national market perspectives that identify risks and opportunities for improvement within your unique employee population.

Our partnership with one of the country’s largest and most respected actuarial consulting firms provides our clients with access to data and proprietary actuarial models that provide insight into their unique risks and opportunities for improvement. With this independent third party analysis, we are able to validate insurance carriers’ proposals and recommendations and provide a level of transparency not accessible by most mid-market businesses.

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