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Scott Ace-Navigator is Scott’s Workplace Incident Recorder and Management System.

Focused on improving workplace safety, eliminating reporting lag, and reducing Worker’s Compensation costs, ACE-Navigator empowers supervisors, forepersons, superintendents, managers and other workplace leaders to record any and all incidents directly at point-of-occurrence, incepting the reporting process immediately, collecting all salient data, forwarding it to an advanced management system, and generating notifications which are sent to key stakeholders.

When recording a workplace incident in Ace-Navigator the reporter has access to many functions including:

  • Employee, location and equipment selection
  • Injury definition (if applicable)
  • Electronically-signed waiver and attestation forms
  • Clinic or hospital selection
  • Reporter, employee and witness statements in audio, picture or text format
  • And much more!

Incident Recorder operates on a Smartphone or tablet, and does not require a permanent Internet connection. It is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, with prompts and obvious user choices designed to provide clarity and promote accuracy.


Once an incident has been recorded it is available for further processing in the online Incident Manager where authorized users can:

  • Review critical information
  • Generate required forms
  • Plan tracking and return-to-work events
  • Communicate information electronically with third-party administrators, carriers, healthcare and legal providers or directly to us at Scott

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