License Surety Bonds

License Surety Bonds

Expand your opportunities with the right license surety bond program.

Surety bonds are often required to obtain licensing for certain business activities. A surety provides a guarantee to a government that the licensee will comply with an underlying statute, ordinance or regulation.

Scott Bond Services offer personalized service, flexible underwriting and competitive pricing for the following bond types:

Mortgage Bonds

Includes brokers, bankers/lenders, servicers, loan officers, correspondent

Money Transmission/Check Seller Bonds

Includes money transmitters, check sellers, stored value card issuers, currency

Consumer Lending Bonds

Includes deferred deposit/payday advance lenders, auto finance companies, title lenders, pawn, check cashers

Title Bonds

Includes title insurance agents, closing attorneys, escrow agent, abstractors

Collection Bonds

Also referred to as Debt Collector bonds

Credit Counseling Bonds

Includes credit repair, debt management 

Decedent Debt Bonds


Scott Bond Services has the experience to successfully manage your license surety bond needs. We serve thousands of license bond clients nationwide and rank among the top surety leaders in many industry segments. We are dedicated to providing superior service, competitive pricing/terms and simplified underwriting.

Our specialized industry programs allow us to stay on top of the unique needs of these sectors; however, we can help with all types of license bonds. If you don’t see your industry or bond type listed, please contact us to see how we can help you obtain the most effective solution for your surety need.