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  • Prepare for Winter's Cold Blast

    Winter is upon us, so now is the time to be prepared for ice, snowstorms and extremely cold temperatures.

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  • Surety Industry Steps Into the Future With Data Standards

    The National Association of Surety Bond Producers and The Surety & Fidelity Association of America’s new data standards will enhance the surety industry’s efficiency, productivity and quality—helping improve response times and the overall level of service and support provided to contractors.

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  • To Drone Or Not To Drone: What You Should Know Before Taking Your Company to the Skies

    There are few new technology gadgets as fun and cool as the modern-day drone. For business owners and purchasing agents who believe a drone might be a useful addition to their operations, we believe it’s important to weigh the risks of their use, as you would any equipment in your enterprise.

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  • Risk Mitigation for Data Security Breaches Isn’t Optional Anymore

    It’s not IF, but WHEN, your business will be a victim of Cyber Crime 

    According to CNN Money, cyber crime’s easiest prey is small to medium sized businesses, which account for more than 72% of all data breaches. The Federal and State governments (differ by state) have developed laws and standards (PCI) to protect the public regarding personal and financial information (credit cards). In North Carolina and all other states except Kentucky, New Mexico, Alabama and South Dakota, data must be secure and there are consequences if there is a breach.

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  • What Tennessee’s reformed workers’ comp system means for your business

    In July, the state will enact reformed legislation designed to improve Tennessee’s worker’s compensation system. The changes promise resolution of claims through a process that is fairer, faster and more efficient. Let’s take a look at six significant changes you will see in 2014.

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  • How Employers Can Prepare for New OSHA Regs for Temporary Workers

    This past year, OSHA launched an initiative focused on improving safety for temporary workers. We have seen a correlated rise in inspections that examine how host employers treat temporary workers, especially with regard to training.

    As prescribed by OSHA, host employers and staffing agencies share joint responsibility for protecting temporary workers by maintaining a safe work environment and providing safety training and hazard communication. The OSHA web page Protecting Temporary Employees details the enforcing organization’s expectations.

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  • Is Risk Mitigation for Data Security Breaches Optional Anymore?

    The recent widespread theft of customer data makes it clear that any business has the potential for data breaches. Just one stolen laptop, virus, hacker or lost flash drive can create enormous financial and reputational consequences for your business. You may think high-profile companies are at greatest risk,
    but small- to-medium sized businesses are frequently targeted, accounting for more than 72 percent of all data breaches.

    Target’s 2013 fourth quarter profits fell 46 percent, and a Ponemon Institute survey of 843 executives found that an organization’s brand value drops between 17 to 31 percent following a breach. Could your business sustain an impact of this size?

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