License Surety Bonds

NMLS Electronic Surety Bonds

In September 2016, the National Multistate Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) launched the Electronic Surety Bond, which replaces the paper surety bonds that have traditionally been required for licensing. These electronic bonds are created and managed within the NMLS. The combination of Scott Bonds Services’ industry-leading service and this new, improved process makes bond execution, delivery, and management easier and much more efficient.

There will naturally be a learning curve as you navigate the new Electronic Surety Bond process, and the Scott Bond Services team is an excellent resource for all your Electronic Surety Bond questions. We’ve been tracking the Electronic Surety Bond initiative since its early planning stages and worked with the surety companies we represent to ensure all involved are prepared for this change.

Electronic Surety Bonds

An Electronic Surety Bond is the same legal instrument as a paper bond. The bond language is typically consistent, and there is no change to any of the obligations of any parties to the bond. There are essentially no differences between Electronic Surety Bonds and Paper Bonds besides their methods of delivery.

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